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Sinar Surya

"Sinar Surya" means “sun shaft” and is the name of a ship that sailed the Spice Islands of Indonesia in the 1970’s. When I compose, I often begin with an extra-musical concept as a point of departure. I chose this one because of the parallels that can be drawn between composing and performing a new piece of music and setting sail on a voyage. Plotting a course insures some predictability but there are always variables that make that course a challenge, and a different one, every time it is taken.

Commissioned by the Renee B. Fisher Foundation for Performers of the Connecticut Young Artists Competition
Premiered May, 1994 by Jeffers Englehardt

Solo Instrumental
Voicing or Instrumentation: 
Solo piano
Audio Credits: 
Live performance by Niels Moes, piano
Year Composed: 
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