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Butterfly Effect

Commissioned for Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble under the auspices of a McKnight Artist Fellowship and Jerome Composer Fellowship.
Premiered by: Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble

"The edge of chaos is where life has enough
energy to sustain itself and enough creativity
to deserve the name life.."
-Frank L. Wolf

Voicing or Instrumentation: 
Solo Piano // Flute in C (doubling alto flute and piccolo), Oboe, Clarinet in Bb (doubling bass clarinet), Bassoon, // Horn in F, Trumpet in Bb, Tenor Trombone // 2 Percussion (suspended cym., tam tam, marimba, vibes, xyl., snare drum, 4 tom toms, claves, bass drum) // Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Violoncello, Contrabass
Audio Credits: 
Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble, Duane Schultess, conductor, featuring pianist Susan Billmeyer
Year Composed: 
Available for rental only: $275 for first performance, $150 for second performance, $75 for third performance, $25 for each subsequent performance. Contact us for further details.
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