This wonderful text by Lola Ridge leaves itself open to multiple interpretations. I chose to picture myself as the “I” in the poem—a spirit or part of self that is not bound to the earth. At the end of the poem the speaker identifies with children playing, even though they may not recognize the speaker as one of them. The piece is a celebratory looking back and acknowledgement of age, recognizing that in order to avoid becoming “snowed in,” one must continue to be in touch with the inner imp.

Commissioned by the Twin Cities Women’s Choir
Premiered May 1,2, 2009, St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church, Minneapolis, MN

Type: Choral
Voicing or Instrumentation: SSAA and piano


Thaw – Downloadable PDF
Thaw – Printed Score
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Voicing or Instrumentation: SSAA

Duration: 03:00

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  1. Thaw

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