Sinar Surya

Sinar Surya

“Sinar Surya” means “sun shaft” and is the name of a ship that sailed the Spice Islands of Indonesia in the 1970’s. When I compose, I often begin with an extra-musical concept as a point of departure. I chose this one because of the parallels that can be drawn between composing and performing a new piece of music and setting sail on a voyage. Plotting a course insures some predictability but there are always variables that make that course a challenge, and a different one, every time it is taken.

Commissioned by the Renee B. Fisher Foundation for Performers of the Connecticut Young Artists Competition
Premiered May, 1994 by Jeffers Englehardt

Type: Solo Instrumental
Voicing or Instrumentation: Solo piano


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Audio Credits: Live performance by Niels Moes, piano
Year Composed: 1994
Duration: 05:00

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