Bow Echo

Bow Echo

I often use a non-musical idea as a point of departure. In the case of Bow Echo, this idea came in the form of a lightning bolt on a Sunday morning in July. Lightning struck my house, blowing a hole in the roof, splitting wood in the eves, taking out all electrical outlets and appliances. I was blown away by the power of the storm, and Bow Echo was born. A Bow Echo is a formation of storm clouds that usually spawn severe storms with high winds, hail, dangerous lightning and possible tornadoes. The three movements follow the life of a storm from slow approach to violent rage to eerie calm.

Commissioned by the Schubert Club

for Libby Larsen

Premiered by: Thomas Rutishauser

Type:  Solo Instrumental
Voicing or Instrumentation:  Solo amplified cello

Bow Echo – Downloadable PDF
Bow Echo – Printed Score
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Audio Credits: Live performance by Thomas Rutishauser

Year Composed: 1997

Duration: 14:30

Listen while perusing a copy of the score​

  1. Bow Echo, I Cloud to Ground mp3
  2. Bow Echo, II. In the Calm, Electric Air mp3
  3. Bow Echo, III. Blue Jets mp3

Perusal Score Bow Echo ​ ​​​

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Downloadable PDF, Printed Score

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