Blue Jewel

Blue Jewel

“Blue Jewel” is a small snap-shot of a huge idea. This idea is the experience between a “zoomed out” versus “zoomed in” view of the world. Close up, one sees how striking and arresting the images are. Further out, the violence of the battle between Carnival and Lent obscures slightly as one backs away – like the famous image of Earth from space and how existence on this planet (close up) can be tumultuous – war, extinction, political unrest, climate change – but from far away, Earth is a perfect blue jewel floating in space.

for fivebyfive

Type:  Chamber
Voicing or Instrumentation:  Flute/Alto Flute, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Piano, Electric Guitar, Contrabass


Blue Jewel – Downloadable PDF complete score
Blue Jewel – Downloadable PDF packet of part
Blue Jewel – Printed complete score
Blue Jewel – Printed packet of parts
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Audio Credits:  fivebyfive

Year Composed: 2020

Duration: 04:00

Listen while perusing a copy of the score​

Perusal Score Blue Jewel February 2020 ​ ​​​

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Downloadable PDF complete score, Printed complete score, Downloadable PDF packet of part, Printed packet of parts

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