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The Crossing
Donald Nally, conductor

2022 Navona Records

"Spectral Spirits"


These Distances Between Us

Emily Jaworski Koriath, mezzo-soprano
Tad Koriath, piano

2022 Naxos

"The Giver of Stars"


Of and Between



"Blue Jewel"




New Piano Music Inspired By Brahms 

Ann DuHamel, piano

2020 Furious Artisans




Evolutionary Spirits

The Crossing
Donald Nally, conductor

2019 Navona Records

"Poem for 2084"
"Marvellous Error"



Draw the Strings Tight

Kenneth Meyer, guitar

2017 Innova Recordings

"Draw the Strings Tight"


Clay Jug

The Crossing
Donald Nally

2017 Navona Records

"From the Wingbone of a Swan"
"The Fenix"
"Canción de el Alma: En una Noche Escura"
"Clay Jug"
"We Bloomed in Spring"
"Alma Beata et Bella"



Life Let Loose

Mirinesse Women's Choir
Rebecca Rottsolk and Beth Ann Bonnecroy, conductors

2015 Mirinesse Women's Choir

"The Bike Let Loose"


foolish fire: stories and inspirations for guitar quartet

Tantalus Quartet

2014 Soundset Recordings

"Above the Green Night" 



Under the Pyrenees

University of Michigan Men's Glee Club
Paul Rardin, conductor

2009 University of Michigan

"From Me and America Sent"




Diverse Voices: American Music For Flute

Linda Chatterton, flute
John Jensen, piano

2008 Linda Chatterton

"This Floating World"



While You Are Alive


2008 Cantus Recordings

"A Sound Like This"


Sancta Civitas: Music for the soul of the city

The Basilica Catheral Choir and Choristers
Teri Larson, conductor

2007 The Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Saint Anthony Prayer"



An Illuminated Transience

The Colleges Chorale
Robert Cowles, conductor

2007 Hobart and William Smith Colleges Chorale 

"An Illuminated Transience"



Finding a Voice

Luther College Pike Kor (now Aurora)
Sandra Peter, conductor

2006 Luther College Recordings

"The Bike Let Loose"



There Lies the Home


2006 Cantus Recordings

"A True Heart is Waiting" 



Dream a Little Dream

Dare To Breathe

1999 Dare To Breathe

"A Little Lovely Dream"