I’m currently accepting new commissions for

Smaller scale works to be premiered in Fall/Winter 2024 and later.
Larger scale works to be premiered in Fall/Winter 2025 and later.


Guide to Commissioning a New Work

Commissioning a new piece of music is an adventure – a collaborative journey from idea to performance. I have worked with many groups and individuals – some with long histories of commissioning pieces and some commissioning for the first time – and each process has been unique.

What follows is a basic outline of how I like to work and what you can expect.


The fee depends on many different factors, such as the type of piece you envision, the instrumentation (string quartet, concert band), the voicing (SSAA a cappella or SATB and piano), the duration, and the level of difficulty. For vocal pieces, finding and obtaining permission for texts can also incur a fee. Commissioners are responsible for engraving costs – I compose music with pencil and paper and send completed manuscripts to Music Advantage for engraving.

New Music USA has compiled an industry-standard fee chart that I use as a starting point. Their chart, along with other useful information about the ins and outs of commissioning, can be found on their website.

Payment Schedule:

Half of the commission fee is due with the signed contract, and the remainder is due upon delivery of performance-ready score and parts (if applicable).

Time Frame:

The earlier I know about a commission, the easier it is to fit it into my schedule. At least an 18-month time frame from signing of contract to delivery of score is ideal. I’m happy to discuss working in shorter time frames but know that I want to take the time needed to create the best piece for you. In the end, I want to make something that you will want to perform again and again and that others will pick up in later years. I want to make a piece for us that takes on a life of its own.

The Contract:

My standard contract will be modified to reflect your specific needs and our negotiated agreement. If your group has a standard contract form, I am happy to use it.


First and foremost, it’s important to know your composer. Before you commit to commissioning a composer, be sure to know their music. Doing your research at the onset will make the whole process more rewarding for both parties.

Once you’ve decided you’re interested in commissioning a piece from me, knowing the answers to the following questions will help begin the process:

  • What is the instrumentation?
  • For whom am I writing? What’s their ability level?
  • What is the proposed duration?
  • When and where will the piece premiere?
  • What does your past programming look like?
  • What pieces work particularly well with you (your group) and why?
  • What makes a piece fun – what do you love to play/sing?
  • Can you point me to recordings that are representative of your group? (Getting to know the artist(s) for whom I am writing is a very important to me!)

Thank you for your time and your interest! Please complete the form below if you are interested in commissioning a new work or have further questions.



New Commissions

COMMISSIONS: Tell me more about your commission...

Thank you for your time and your interest! You may fill out the provided form if you are interested in commissioning a new work or send me an email inquiry.  

Commissions, Collaborators

Recent Commissions

String Quartet

Commissioned by the American Composers Forum

To be presented by Schubert Club

Premiere: TBD 


Steering by Monarchs for SATB Quartet and Piano

Commissioned by Nathaniel Barnett, Ariadne Lih and the Uncommon Music Festival

Based on poetry by Holly J. Hughes

Premiere: Saturday, August 6, 2022


Welcoming Blessing for SSAA voices

Commissioned for the College of Saint Benedict Women’s Choir; Dr. Susan Vollbrecht, conductor

Based on poetry by Jan Richardson

Premiere: Spring 2023


do I wake or sleep? for SATB Chorus

Commissioned by The Seraphim Singers; Jennifer Lester, conductor

Based on poetry by Danielle Cadena Deulen

Premiere: March 4, 2023

Collaborators: Ensembles

Chamber Ensembles

  • Cherchez la Femme
  • fivebyfive
  • Minneapolis Guitar Quartet
  • Monticello Cello Quartet
  • Sherman Chamber Ensemble
  • Tantalus Guitar Quartet
  • Taos Chamber Music Group
  • Two Sides Sounding, soprano and piano duo
  • Zeitgeist

Large Ensembles

  • Amarillo Symphony Orchestra, James Setapen, conductor
  • Cape May Festival Orchestra, Stephen Rogers Radcliffe, conductor
  • Charleston Symphony Orchestra
  • ICE (Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble)
  • Ives Center Chamber Orchestra, Constantine Kitsopoulos, conductor
  • Lexington (KY) Philharmonic
  • Minnesota Orchestra Kinder Konzert Series
  • Orono High School Bands, Don Krubsac, Director

Vocal Ensembles

  • Acapellago, Dennis Smith, conductor emeritus 
  • Camerata Singers, Floyd Farmer, conductor
  • Cantori, Hobart & William Smith Colleges, Robert Cowles, conductor
  • Cantus
  • Choeur du Brouhaha, Sébastien Lachaume, conductor
  • Chor Leoni & The Leonids, Erick Lichte
  • Choral Arts Initiative, Brandon Elliot, artistic director
  • College of Saint Benedict Women’s Choir, Susan Vollbrecht, conductor 
  • The Concordia Choir, Michael Culloton, conductor
  • Consonare Choral Community & Voices of Concinnity, Sarah Kaufold, conductor
  • Conspirare, Craig Hella Johnson, conductor
  • Cornell University Women’s Choir, Scott Tucker, conductors
  • The Crossing, Donald Nally, conductor
  • Dale Warland Singers, Dale Warland, conductor
  • Dare to Breathe
  • Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Daniel Reuss, conductor
  • First Readings Project, J. David Moore, conductor
  • Harmonium Choral Society, Anne Matlack, conductor
  • Luther College Pike Kor, Sandra Peter, conductor
  • Lux, Robby Napoli, director
  • Miami University of Ohio Men’s Glee Club, Ethan Sperry, conductor
  • Mirinesse Women’s Choir, Rebecca Rottsolk and Beth Ann Bonnecroy, conductors
  • MPLS (imPulse), Samuel Grace, conductor
  • Musica anima, 
  • Nederlands Kamerkoor, Daniel Reuss, guest conductor
  • The New York Virtuoso Singers, Harold Rosenbaum, conductor
  • The Polyphonists, vocal quartet
  • Red Shift, Trey Davis, conductor
  • The Rose Ensemble, Jordan Sramek, artistic director
  • Rock Valley College Chamber Singers, Paul Laprade, conductor
  • The Singers—Minnesota Choral Artists, Matthew Culloton, conductor
  • Sonoma County Chamber Singers, Vernon Sanders, conductor
  • South Bend Chamber Singers, Nancy Menk, conductor
  • Seraphim, Jennifer Lester, conductor
  • Stare at the Sun, A.J. Keller, artistic director
  • Swedish Radio Choir conducted by Donald Nally
  • Texas Choral Artists
  • Twin Cities Women’s Choir, Mary Bussman, conductor
  • University of Alberta 2003 Honors Choir
  • University of Illinois Chamber Singers, Fred Stoltzfus, conductor
  • University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club, Paul Rardin, conductor
  • University of Minnesota Women’s Chorus, Kathey Romey, conductor
  • University of Notre Dame Glee Club, Daniel Stowe, conductor
  • Valborg Kor, Arpad Schermann, conductor
  • VocalEssence, Phillip Brunelle, conductor

Collaborators: Individual Artists


  • Arpad Schermann
  • Dale Warland
  • Donald Nally
  • Duane Schultess
  • Erick Lichte
  • Jennifer Lester
  • Paul LaPrade
  • Sandra Peter
  • Kathy Romey
  • George Mathew
  • Teri Larson

Solo Performers

  • Glenda Maurice, dramatic speaker, mezzo-soprano
  • Adriana Zabala, mezzo-soprano
  • Andrea Atwood, soprano (email)
  • Andrea Leap, singer (email)
  • Andrew Garland, Baritone
  • Andrew Lamy, clarinetist
  • Ann DuHamel, pianist
  • Brittany Kallman Arneson, soprano (email)
  • Carolyn Campfield, soprano (email)
  • Carrie Henneman Shaw, soprano
  • Carson Rose Schneider, pianist
  • Clara Osowski, mezzo-soprano
  • Dan Sabo, pianist
  • Dean Billmeyer, organist
  • Donna Hangen, flutist
  • Eleanor Taylor, soprano
  • Eliot T. Bailen, cellist
  • Emily Jaworski Koriath, mezzo-soprano
  • Harriet McCleary, soprano (email)
  • Jane Garvin, flutist
  • Jeffers Englehardt, pianist
  • Jocelyn Dueck, pianist
  • Joseph Hagedorn, guitarist
  • Kara Morgan, mezzo-soprano
  • Kelly Kuo, pianist
  • Kenneth Meyer, guitarist
  • Kristian Anderson, guitarist
  • KrisAnne Weiss, mezzo-soprano
  • Leonard Danek, pianist
  • Linda Chatterton, flutist (email)
  • Marcie Hagen, soprano
  • Mary Westbrook-Geha, mezzo-soprano
  • Matthew McCright, pianist
  • Niels Moes, pianist
  • Regina Stroncek, soprano
  • Rose Bishop, flutist
  • Ruth Palmer, pianist
  • Sonja Thompson, pianist
  • Stephen Self, keyboardist
  • Susan Billmeyer, pianist
  • Susan Rotholz, flutist
  • Tad Koriath, pianist
  • Taylor Burkhardt, pianist
  • Thomas Rutishauser, cellist
  • Wendy Greenwald Matthews, flutist
  • Wes Huisinga, oboe
  • Zara Lawler, flutist, dancer


  • Anita Barrows, poet/author
  • Peggy Beck, author
  • Annabelle Moseley, poet/author
  • Holly J. Hughes, poet
  • Jabez Van Cleef, poet
  • Daniel Ladinsky, poet
  • Jan Richardson, poet
  • Joan Wolf Prefontaine, poet
  • Noah Keesecker, poet
  • Robert Bly, poet/translator
  • Robert Hass, poet (email)
  • Serena Fusek, poet (email)
  • Tim O’Brian, baritone, poet


  • Noah Keesecker
  • Scott Senko
  • Zachary Crockett

Visual Artists

  • Ann Marsden, photographer
  • Elizabeth Seewald Hill, painter
  • Leslie Crane, photographer


  • Paul Gerike – Music Advantage, engraver

Instrument Builders

  • Charles Rufino, violin maker


  • Roseanna Gamson

Collaborators: Presenters/Festivals


  • American Choral Directors Association
  • Chamber Music St. Croix
  • Dorian Vocal Festival at Luther College
  • Minnesota Music Educators Association/Minnesota All-State Women’s Choir
  • The Mixed Flock Orchestra Project
  • Music at Augsburg
  • Schubert Club
  • Source Song Festival
  • Tanglewood Festival
  • Twin Cities American Guild of Organists
  • Uncommon Music Festival
  • University of Minnesota School of Music
  • WAMSO — Minnesota Orchestra Volunteer Association

Collaborators: Media

Record Labels

  • Cantus Recordings
  • Furious Artisans
  • Innova Recordings
  • Navona Records (imprint of PARMA Recordings)
  • Naxos Records

Radio Stations/Podcasts

  • Alley Stoughton, “Not Brahms and Lizst,” WMBR
  • David Lake, “Contemporary Classics,” WRUU
  • Diane Jones, “Feminine Fusion,” WCNY
  • Garrett Hope, “The Portfolio Composer”
  • Marvin Rosen, “Classical Discoveries”
  • Mike Goldberg, “Classical with Mike Goldberg,” VPM
  • Brian Newhouse “Brian’s Picks” Minnesota Public Radio (YourClassical MPR)
  • Patricia Werner Leanse, “Radio Monalisa” 

Collaborators: Education


  • Friends School of Minnesota
  • Northwestern University
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Michigan 
  • Delft University of Technology
  • Rockford University
  • Syracuse University
  • Tufts University


  • Libby Larsen
  • Vivian Fine
  • Lloyd Ultan
  • Louis Calabro
  • Randall Davison
  • Dominick Argento

Some Notable Students

  • Aaron Israel Levine
  • Astrid Hubbard Flynn
  • Chris Neiner
  • Flannery Cunningham
  • Isaac Roth Blumfield
  • Louisa Byron
  • Ryan Johnston
  • Sarrah Bushara
  • Stanley Woolner

“…it is the album’s centerpiece [Spectral Spirits] that is the major attraction. … Hill’s music evokes the bird in its particularity, and the overall effect of this is profoundly sad. It probably takes a virtuoso choir like The Crossing to do the work justice, but one may nevertheless hope that it becomes more widely performed on programs devoted to environmental themes. This is an especially strong outing from one of the most distinctive American choral ensembles.” 

Full Review


– James Manheim, AllMusic

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