Questo Muro

A lush and passionate setting of Anita Barrows' poem about overcoming loss and facing personal challenges

In Questo Muro, Anita Barrows adopts Dante's striking image of one person confronted by fear and trepidation, symbolized by a wall of flame.  She asks:

Will you pass through it now, will you let it consume


whatever solidness this is

you call your life, & send

you out, a tremor of heat,

a radiance, a changed

flickering thing?


Edie's challenging setting features dramatic lines elegantly soaring over surging piano figures reminiscent of fire.

Premiered by Brittany Kallman, Schubert Club Courtroom Concert, 
St. Paul, Minnesota, April 14, 2011

Solo Voice
Voicing or Instrumentation: 
Mezzo-Soprano and piano
Audio Credits: 
KrisAnne Weiss, mezzo-soprano and Ruth Palmer, piano
Text Author/Source: 
Anita Barrows
Year Composed: 
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